The Place of Washington in the History of Western Pennsylvania
The Sun Chaser A Play in Four Acts
The Cottage Bee Keeper Or Suggestions for the Practical Management of Amateur Cottage and Farm Apiaries
Proceedings at the Dedication of a Monument to Sergeant Abraham Staples of Mendon Massachusetes October 31 1877
Essay on the Catholic Church
Description of a Glass Apparatus for Making Mineral Waters Like Those of Pyrmont Spa Seltzer C in a Few Minutes and with a Very Little Expence Together with the Description of Some New Eudiometers or Instruments for Ascertaining the Wholsomeness
Shorthand for High Schools American-Pitman Phonography
Two Sermons Preached in the First Congregational Church in Milton On the 15th and 22d of June 1862
Facts about Armenia Sassoon as Reported by a Native Mr Gladstones Speech and Dr Dillons Article on Armenia
Pioneer Physicians of Wyoming Valley Vol 9 An Address Before the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society
Stop Thief A Farcical Fact in Three Acts
Poke OMoonshine
An Essay on Raising Orchards and Fruit in the North-West
Stories about Favorite Authors Little Literature Lessons for Little Boys and Girls
Slides and Photographs List 18
Church Politics and Church Prospects
Electro-Therapeutics of Neurasthenia
Verse Vagaries
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of the Honourable Stephen Sewall Esq Chief-Justice of the Superiour Court of Judicature Court of Assize and General-Goal-Delivery Who Departed This Life on Wednesday-Night September 10 1760 Aetatis 58 Delivere
Wallace Fullam Robinson His Ancestry Personal History Business Enterprises
An Itinerary for Swiss Travel
The Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj in Their Bearing Upon Christianity A Study in Indian Theism
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 26 December 1 1891
Physiological Psychology
Edwy and Edilda A Tale in Five Parts
The Chaplain Vol 10 A Journal for Protestant Chaplains June 1953
A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the High Powers With Some Reflections on the Resistance Made to King Charles I and on the Anniversary of His Death In Which the Mysterious Doctrine of That Princes Saintship and Martyr
The Pentucket Housewife A Manual for Housekeepers and Collection of Recipes Contributed by the Ladies of the First Baptist Church Haverhill Mass
Homes of the Worlds Babies Illustrated with Paper Cuttings in Silhouette
Our Cooks in Council A Manual of Practical and Economical Recipes for the Household
Overseas Vol 6 The Monthly Journal October 1921
Maugis En Menage Roman
Sunshine Songs for Sunday Schools
Committee on Un-American Activities Annual Report for the Year 1954 January 26 1955 (Original Release Date) February 16 1955 Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and Ordered to Be Printed
The Separation of Mother and Child by the Law of Custody of Infants Considered
Onward and Upward No 2 A Collection of Gospel Songs and Hymns for Sunday-Schools Endeavor Societies Epworth Leagues Devotional Meetings Chapel Exercises Revivals Etc
Boston Common
Picturesque Cuba Porto Rico Hawaii and the Philippines a Photographic Panorama of Our New Possessions Depicting the Natives Their Costumes Habitations and Occupations Prominent Buildings Street Scenes Mountain and River Scenery Etc Also Life in
Blaine Conkling and Garfield A Reminiscence and a Character Study
The Ohio Legislature Biographical Notices of the Members of the Fifty-Fifth General Assembly of the State of Ohio
Bicentenary of the Charter of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the City of New York May Eleventh 1896
Memorial of Col Hugh Henry Osgood of Norwich Conn
William Pinkney Whyte (Late a Senator from Maryland) Memorial Addresses Sixtieth Congress Second Session Senate of the United States January 16 1909 House of Representatives February 14 1909
Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences 1908 Vol 10
Memoranda on the Tragedy of Hamlet
The Virgin-Birth One of the Principal Foundations of the Christian Faith An Account of Some of the Various Ways in Which It Was Explained Defended and Devoutly Expounded by Doctors of Theology and Doctors of Medicine at Different Periods of the Church
Republic or Empire With Glimpses of Criminal Aggression
Remembrancer Geography on a New and Improved Plan Topographically Demonstrated with Maps Charts and Globes by Delineation Reference and Instruction Embracing All the Elementary Principles in the Philosophy of the Science
The American Sketch Book Vol 1 Menomonie and Dunn County Wisconsin
Alleghania or Praises of American Heroes
The Self and Mutual Inductances of Linear Conductors
Contributions to Our Knowledge of the Connexion Between Chemical Constitution Physiological Action and Antagonism
Selections from Several of the More Eminent Cavalier Poets With an Introduction and Brief Biographical and Critical Notes
Britains Duty To-Day
First Reader
Hongkong and Canton A Part of Underwood and Underwoods Stereoscopic Tour Through China
Our Knapsack Sketches for the Boys in Blue
The Law of Suggestion A Compendium for the People
To Arms! Songs of the Great War
Die Mathematische Intervallenlehre Der Griechen
A Modest and Impartial Reply to a Pamphlet Lately Published Entituled a Second Series of Facts and Arguments C With Some Remarks Also on the Occasional Letter and the Examination of the Principles C
The Referendum Among the English A Manual of Submissions to the People in the American States
Atmospheric Radio-Activity in California and Colorado and the Range of the 913-Particles from Radium B
Natural Resources of Boone and Marion Counties Arkansas Climate Soil Water Timber Medicinal Plants Etc Etc Minerals of Commercial Importance Their Occurrence in Quantity and Quality
In That New World Which Is the Old Poems of the New Life
Outline Studies in History of Education
Register of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Ohio June 1st 1902
A Defence of the Missions in the South Sea and Sandwich Islands Against the Misrepresentations Contained in a Late Number of the Quarterly Review in a Letter to the Editor of That Journal
Proposed New Dominion Water-Power Regulations with Explanation
Oakes Ames A Memoir With an Account of the Dedication of the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall at North Easton Mass November 17 1881
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of John Franklin Miller A Senator from California Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives Forty-Ninth Congress First Session May 28 and June 19 1886 with the Funeral Services at the City of
Proceedings of Town Meeting at Sterling Mass July 17 1919 Presentation of Portrait of Lord Stirling
Reply to a Short Review of the Political State of Great Britain at the Commencement of the Year 1787
Piers Plowman the Work of One or of Five
Official Program and General Information 48th National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic Detroit Michigan Aug 31 to Sept 5 1914
A Tariff Primer The Effects of Protection Upon the Farmer and Laborer
The Prayer-Ts Voice and Teaching Being Spiritual Addresses Bearing on the Book of Common Prayer
A Trip Across the Bay And Some Early Schools and Schoolmasters of Newport
Gottes Liebe Predigten in Betrachtungen Fur Die Festliche Halfte Des Rirchenjahres
Juvenile Poems
Dedication of the Memorial Flag Staff at the Methodist Home for the Aged College Hill Cincinnati Ohio September 20 1909
A General Introduction to Charles Lamb Together with a Special Study of His Relation to Robert Burton the Author of the Anatomy of Melancholy
Stories from the Old Testament Told for Little Children
Alphabetical Common Place Book With References to the Statute Law and Acts of Parliament and with Notes of Cases Decided in the Supreme and Eastern District Courts of the Cape of Good Hope For the Use of Magistrates Attorneys Law Agents Etc
English Reprints 1 Certayne Notes of Instruction in English Verse 1575 2 the Steele Glas 3 the Complaynt of Philomene
The Man Sings
Philomela The Lazy Fitzwaters Nightingale
Memoirs of Dicky a Yellow Canary Written by Himself in Behalf of and Sold for the Famishing Irish
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Charles ONeill Delivered in the House of Representatives and Senate Fifty-Third Congress
Violets from Tennyson
Cannot and Can Fall from Grace
The Birth and Triumph of Love A Poem
Followers of the Trail
Special Forms of Service Sanctioned for Use in the Diocese or Worcester
Ultima Verba
The Cohongoroota 1928
Six Assemblies Or Ingenious Conversations of Learned Men Among the Arabians
Guinevere Arthur Adapted from Tennysons Idylls of the King
Our Roll of Honor
Archbishop Benson in Ireland A Record of His Irish Sermons and Addresses 1896
The Nets of Love
Fragments and Fancies
Three Addresses Delivered by Professors in Union Theological Seminary At a Service in Commemoration of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of John Calvin
Historical Sketch of the Ceylon Mission
The Memory of Washington An Oration
A Serious Examinatiosn of the Roman Catholic Claims As Set Forth in the Petition Now Pending Before Parliament
Winthrop Ellsworth Stone Born June 12 1862 Died July 17 1921 President of Purdue University 1900-1921 A Memorial
Aunt Rachels Letters about Water and Air A Few Facts about Heat in Relation to These Substances Told in Simple Language
Nouvelles Guipes Vol 1
The Rise Progress and Travels of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Being a Series of Answers to Questions Including the Revelation on Celestial Marriage and a Brief Account of the Settlement of Salt Lake Valley
Minutes of the Sixty-Second and Sixty-Third Annual Convention of the Evan Lutheran Synod And Ministerium of North Carolina
Songs in Times Despite
Paul the Conqueror
Catalogue and Announcement of the Ward-Belmont School for Young Women 1913-1914
Discourse Commemorative of the Late REV John M Krebs D D Delivered in the Rutgers Presbyterian Church Corner of Madison Avenue and Twenty-Ninth Street New York Sabbath Morning October 27 1867
Easter-Song Lyrics and Ballads of the Joy of Spring-Time
Poetical Sketches of a Tour in the West of England
Marjorie Pickthall Her Poetic Genius and Art an Appreciation and an Analysis of Aesthetic Paradox
Waifs from the Wayside
Historical Sketch of the First Congregational Church Sturbridge Massachusetts
The Right Reverend Richard Channing Moore D D Second Bishop of Virginia And the Beginnings of the Theological Seminary in Virginia an Address Delivered at the Alumni Meeting of the Virginia Theological Seminary on June 4th 1914
The Collected Poems of the Late N T Carrington Vol 1 of 2
An Historical Account of the First Presbyterian Church of Princeton N J Being a Sermon Preached on Thanksgiving Day December 12 1850
A Dissertation on the Scriptural Qualifications for Admission and Access to the Christian Sacraments Comprising Some Strictures on Dr Hemmenways Discourse Concerning the Church
Nuts for Profit A Treatise on the Propagation and Cultivation of Nut-Bearing Trees Adapted to Successful Culture in the United States with Extracts from Leading Authorities
Impact of Television on U S Foreign Policy Hearing Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives One Hundred Third Congress Second Session April 26 1994
A Probationary Essay on Purulent Deposits After Wounds and Operations
The Second Reader For Primary Schools
The Messenger Vol 5 November 1908
Vittorio Emanuele Prince of Piedmont A Romantic Play
Ballads of Revolt
Sparks and Cinders
Die Braune Erica Novelle
Muscipula Sive Cambromyomachia The Mouse-Trap or the Battle of the Welsh and the Mice In Latin and English With Other Poems in Different Languages
Proceedings of the Independence Jubilee Celebrated at Spencertown July 4 1846
Dissolution 1536-7 Suffered by Brother Ambrose of Beeleigh Abbey Temp Henry VIII
Selections from the Wrintings of John Henry Newman
Mearing Stones Leaves from My Note-Book on Tramp in Donegal
Help Nearest When Need Greatest A Sermon Preached in the Synod of Oscott on Sunday July 11 1852
Selections from British Classics Shelley and Keats
The Example of Washington Commended to the Young
Canadian Canticles
Old Friends and Old Times
Chinese Merry Tales
St Pauls
Homage to Newman 1845-1945 A Collection of Essays to Make the Cardinal More Widely Known and More Greatly Loved in the Centenary Year of His Conversion
Westward Hoe for Avalon in the New-Found-Land As Described by Captain Richard Whitbourne of Exmouth Devon 1622
Saint Douceline
Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes 9 Rendered Into English Verse by F Crawford Burkitt
Blockade of Fort George 1813
Gause and Bissell 1892
Tongo The Hero of the Luray Caverns
Tude Historique Et Biographique Sur Guillaume de Lorris Auteur Du Roman de la Rose DAprs Documents Indits Et RVision Critique Des Textes Des Auteurs
Technala Vol 10 November 1916
Hints on Porisms In a Letter to T S Davies Esq F R S F S A C with a Scholium Not Contained in the Letter Being a Sequel to the Two Tracts on Imaginary Quantities Published in 1817 and 1818 as a Partial Development of Views Therein Notice
Fiscal Ballads
Bickleigh Vale With Other Poems
The Troubles of Chaos Vol 1 of 3 A Poem in Three Parts
Chronological Outlines of English History
Teachers Monographs Teachers Monographs the Wolf and the Kid Original Fables Based on The Fox and the Grapes That He Had Not Gone Away from His Mother He Tried Every Way But It Was Impossible for Him to 64257nd the Little House in Which He Lived B
Jamaica The Summer Land
Notes for Young Writers
A Paper Read Before the Cincinnati Society of Ex-Army and Navy Officers January 3D 1884
Cantor Lectures on the Modern Methods of Artificial Illumination
First Reunion of the Chase-Chace Family Association Thursday August 30 1900 At Newburyport Mass
A Marriage Triumph On the Nuptials of the Prince Palatine and the Princess Elizabeth Daughter of James I
Hugh Miller
Cardinal Newman With Notes on the Oxford Movement and Its Men
Bridging the Skies
The Exponent June 1911
Michel de LHospital And His Policy
Herodotus Outline Analysis of Books I-VI
Pyramid Building
New England Emigrant Aid Company And Its Influence Through the Kansas Contest Upon National History
Yosemite and Its High Sierra
Report of the Trial Hon and REV T P Hodge Against the State Fire Insurance Co of London for Recovery of Insurance
Stage Affairs in America Today
Platos Theory of Eika963ia
The Feast of the Little Lanterns A Chinese Operetta for Ladies in Two Acts
An Answer to the Right Hon P Duigenans Two Great Arguments Against the Full Enfranchisement of the Irish Roman Catholics
The Medical Brief Vol 10 A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine April 1882
Communication with the Egyptian Soudan by the Congo In a Letter to the Postmaster General
Defence of the Creed and Discipline of the Catholic Church Against the REV J Blanco Whites Poor Mans Preservative Against Popery and Practical and Internal Evidence Against Catholicism
A History of the Missions in Paraguay
The Famous Histoirie of Fryer Bacon Containing the Wonderfull Things That He Did in His Life Also the Manner of His Death
Transaction of the Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Vol 3 April 1910
Text-Book to Accompany Holbrooks Scientific Apparatus Manufactured by the Holbrook School Apparatus MFg Co Hartford Conn
Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women Madame de Stael
Overseas Vol 6 The Monthly Journal of the Overseas Club and Patriotic League August 1921
Judgment Delivered by the Right Hon Sir Robert Phillimore D C L Official Principal of the Court of Arches In the Cases of Martin V Mackonochie and Flamank V Simpson
The Child and the Parent A Small Volume Containing the History of the Provision of Meals to the Children of Poor Parents
Fragmenta Regalia Probably Written about 1630 Reprinted from the Third Posthumous Edition of 1653
Ballads from Herodotus With an Introductory Poem
An Essay on the Spirit and Characters of Hebrew Poetry
An Address on the Life and Services of Hon Mark Skinner Ex-Judge of the Cook County Court of Common Pleas Now the Superior Court of Cook County Delivered Before the Bar Association of the City of Chicago Dec 17 1887
College of the Immaculate Conception Corner Common and Baronne Streets New Orleans 1907-1908
Temple Anthems For General Use by All Church Choirs
The Technical World Vol 2 October 1904
Holy Mass Vol 2 The Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Roman Liturgy
A Treatise on the Motion of a Rigid Body
The Open Court Vol 34 Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea November 1920
The English Lakes
The Result of an Ecclesiastical Council Convened at Salem Massachusetts December 4 1849
Die Verlobung Bei Der Laterne (Le Mariage Aux Lanternes) Operette in Einem ACT
George Washington Kipp (Late a Representative from Pennsylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States Sixty-Second Congress Proceedings in the House February 25 1912 Proceedings in the Sen
Demosthenis Midias With English Notes for the Use of Schools
Aphrodite Musical Drama in Five Acts and Seven Tableaux
History of 313th U S Infantry Baltimores Own
Proceedings at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Graduation of the Class of 1841 at Harvard University June 23-24 1891
The School City A New System of Moral and Civic Training
Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection of Greek Roman and Egyptian Sculpture and Ancient Greek Vases Being a Portion of the Hope Heirlooms Removed from Deepdene Dorking the Property of Lord Francis Pelham Clinton Hope
Among the Northern Icebergs
Birds and All Nature Vol 5
Notes of a Course of Six Lectures (Adapted to a Juvenile Auditory) on Ice Water Vapour and Air
Stories of Some Shoots Or the Chronicles of a Gratified Gunner
Submarine Boats
Military Sketching and Map Reading
The New Trial of the Witnesses or the Resurrection of Jesus Considered on Principles Understood and Acknowledged Equally by Jews and Christians
The Analyst or a Discourse Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician Wherein It Is Examined Whether the Object Principles and Inferences of the Modern Analysis Are More Distinctly Conceived or More Evidently Deduced Than Religious Mysteries and Points O
Informe del Ingeniero Sr Cisar Cipriani Sobre La Ruta Pereni-Ugayali
The Evolution of Stuyvesant Village (New York City) Tenth to Bleecker Streets Broadway to Second Avenue and Around There
Peter and Polly in Summer
The Rosebud 1918 Being the Seventh Annual Published by the Waterloo High School
Legion of Honor Teacher-Training Lessons Vol 1
Archibald Marshall A Realistic Novelist
The Christian Study Course For Young Peoples Societies and Other Organizations in the Church and Also for Private Readings
Jesse Ben David A Shepherd of Bethlehem
The Lenten Psalms
Wrecked But Not Ruined
The Young Emigrants
Description of Possible Options to Increase Revenues
Public and Private Life Of That Celebrated Actress Miss Bland Otherwise Mrs Ford or Mrs Jordan by a Confidential Friend of the Departed
Biggle Berry Book A Condensed Treatise on the Culture of Berries
An Address Delivered on the 28th of June 1830 the Anniversary of the Arrival of Governor Winthrop at Charlestown
The Link Vol 32 A Magazine for Armed Forces Personnel November 1974
A Report of the Proceedings On the Occasion of the Reception of the Sons of Newburyport Resident Aboard July 4th 1854 by the City Authorities and the Citizens of Newburyport
Linden Blossoms
The Link Vol 8 April-May 1950
Old Times in Huntington An Historical Address
The Canadian Northwest as It Is Today
Proceedings at the Nineteenth Annual Lincoln Dinner of the Republican Club of the City of New York Held at the Waldorf-Astoria Celebrating the Ninety-Sixth Anniversary of the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln Monday February 13 1905
Narrative of a Recent Imprisonment in China After the Wreck of the Kite
The Spinning Woman of the Sky Poems
Family Records of Joseph Alexander de Chabrier de Peloubet The First of the Names in the United States with Funeral Address of His Eldest Son L M F Chabrier Peloubet
Steps to Salvation A Compendium of Essential Doctrines
Vindiciae Regiae Or a Defence of the Kingly Office In Two Letters to Earl Stanhope
The Bird Poems of Miles a Davis
Pickwickian Studies
Justification A Sermon Preached Before the University at S Marys on the 24th Sunday After Trinity 1853
Old World Ballads
A Discourse Delivered in the 2D Presbyterian Church in the City of Baltimore on Thursday the 20th of August 1812 Being the Day Appointed by the President of the United States for National Humiliation and Prayer
The Maid Marvellous Jeanne Darc
Growing Pains
The Link Vol 2 August 1944
Object Lessons for the Cradle Roll
First Reader With 4 000 Words for Spelling by Sound
Ethics and Modern Thought A Theory of Their Relations the Deem Lectures Delivered in at New York University
Hillside Musings With an Introductory Preface by REV S Macaulay
Thanksgiving A Sermon Preached in the Arch Street Presbyterian Church Philadelphia on Thursday November 28 1861
Duty And Other Irish Comedies
Ruth a Bible Heroine and Other Stories Told in the Language of Childhood
A Day with the Poet Tennyson
Saint Francis and Poverty
Songs of the Susquehanna
Souvenir Fortieth Anniversary of the Bonebrake Theological Seminary Formerly Union Biblical Seminary Dayton Ohio May 2 1912
The Minor Prophets Exegetically Theologically and Homiletically Expounded
Clerical System Economics of Library Periodicals Sermonology Correspondence Administration and Business A Cabinet Classification of Literary Wealth Homiletic Material Special Studies and Office Work
The Secret Mine An Equestrian Melo-Drama in Two Acts
A Country Boy Scout A Comedy Drama for Boys in Three Acts
Speedwa Shorthand For Class and Self Instruction
The Rambler Travel Books The Countries of the World as Described in Works of Travel Europe
Professor Smith on the Bible And Dr Marcus Dods on Inspiration
Talks with Shorthand Students A Series of Chatty Explanations of the Principles of Pitmans Shorthand
Why Union Labor Fails
A Revolution in Egg Production
Thirty-Seven Effective After Dinner Tricks and How to Perform Them All Easy to Do No Skill Required
The Endowment of Motherhood
Sally Ann Finds Herself An Eighth Grade Play in Two Acts
Thompsons Island Beacon Vol 6 A Private Home-Training School Dependent Upon Donations and Requests
Simplified Spelling
Wages of Women In Womens Clothing Factories in Massachusetts
The Third Annual Meeting of the Governor Thomas Dudley Family Association and Fourth Reunion of the Descendants of Governor Thomas Dudley Held in Boston Oct 15 1895
A Chapter of Unwritten History The Protestant Episcopacy of the Revolutionary Patriots Lost and Restored a Centennial Offering
Robin of Sherwood A Comedy in Three Acts and Four Scenes
The Scott Family of Shrewsbury N J Being the Descendants of William Scott and Abigail Tilton Warner With Sketches of Related Families
The Harper and the Kings Horse
The Rivals of Madonna The Queen of the World a Drama (in Four Acts)
Stereoscopic Treatment of Heterophoria and Heterotropia Designed to Accompany the Phoro-Optometer Stereoscope and the Wells Selection of Stereoscopic Charts
Wildfowling Tales From the Great Ducking Resorts of the Continent
Michigans Millions of Idle Acres Forest Library
Field and Forest Vol 1 Devoted to General Natural History
The Waldies A Play in Four Acts
An Outline of the Smaller British Birds Intended for the Use of Ladies and Young Persons
The Green Duet Book Duet Albums for Beginners
The Art of Laundry Work Practically Demonstrated for Use in Homes and Schools
The Comic Birthday Book
A Primer of Modern Musical Tonality Intended for Self-Study as an Introduction to the Study of Harmony
Wit and Wisdom of Sir Wilfrid Lawson Being Selections from His Speeches 1865 1885 with a Biographical Sketch
Two Addresses One to the Gentlemen of Whitby Who Signed the Requisition Calling a Meeting to Address the Queen on the Late (So Called) Aggression of the Pope And the Other to the Protestant Clergy
A Bibliography of John Brown
Remarks on Dr Southeys Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae Addressed to All Liberal-Minded English-Men and Lovers of Truth
Proceedings of the Bostonian Society at the Annual Meeting January 17 1911
Thirteen from the Front A Memento With the Compliments of a Pioneer the Author
Fugitive Leaves from Foreign Notes Paris Versailles St Denis Fontainebleu
Some Imagist Poets 1917 An Annual Anthology
Spiritual Guidance in the Experience of the Society of Friends
Report on a Visit to America September 19th to October 31st 1902
The Mishna as Illustrating the Gospels
Laws and Rights of Women in Texas
Journal of Six Weeks Adventures in Switzerland Piedmont and on the Italian Lakes June July August 1856
My French Canadian Neighbours And Other Sketches
The Old Isaiah
Hand Book of the Detroit Junior High Schools 1916-1917
William OConnell Bradley Late a Senator from Kentucky Memorial Addresses Delivered in the Senate of the United States Proceedings in the Senate June 24 1916 Proceedings in the House May 25 1914
Lyrics of the Open
Raphael the Prince of Art Adapted for Young Readers
Sense and Incense A Book of Verses
All about the Junior
Carmina Varia
The Open Court Vol 44 Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea March 1930
The Life of Wm T Sherman
The Chestnut Burr 1914
Detroit Medical Journal Vol 2 March 1903
The Battle of Point Pleasant A Battle of the Revolution October 10th 1774 Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Participated
The Life and Military Services of the Late Brigadier General Thomas A Smyth
A Genealogical History of My Ancestors and the Story of My Life
Gods Garden of Segregation
The Lives and Opinions of Benjn Franklin Butler United States District Attorney for the Southern District of New-York and Jesse Hoyt Counsellor at Law Formerly Collector of Customs for the Port of New-York With Anecdotes or Biographical Sketches of
Solomon Columbus Rhodes and Company
A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of Christ-Church London on Thursday May the 10th 1781 Being the Time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity-Schools in and about the Cities of London and Westminster
The Man Who Stayed at Home A Play in Three Acts
Manual of Admeasurement The United States Tonnage Law of 1864 with an Analysis of the Mode of Measuring Ships and Vessel
Hearings on Attempts at Subversion and Espionage by Diplomatic Personnel Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Fourth Congress Second Session May 10 and 11 1956
The Art of Shooting
Decision Algorithms for Some Fragments of Analysis and Related Areas
The Treatment of Rheumatic Infections
A Booklet of Social Poems
State Normal Magazine Vol 15 February 1911
Who Are Members of the Church A Statement of Evidence in Criticism of a Sentence in the Appeal to All Christian People Made by the Lambeth Conference of 1920 Which Is Fundamental to All the Propositions of That Appeal
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Clerk Treasurer Road Agent School Board and Other Officials of the Town of Alexandria for the Year Ending Jan 31 1942 Together with the Vital Statistics for the Year Ending Dec 31 1941
Dress and Care of the Feet
The Dutch Detective A Farce in Three Acts
Clinical Studies in Epilepsy
The Holder Memorial Given to the Clinton Historical Society
Songs of G O P
Standard Forms of Field Notes for Civil Engineers
Catastrophe and Social Change Vol 94 Based Upon a Sociological Study of the Halifax Disaster
Supplement to SIGMA Phi Epsilon Journal Vol 9 May 1 1912
An Examination of Cadwallader D Coldens Book Entitled a Life of Robert Fulton
Michael Anthony and Anne Shields-Lambing Their Ancestors and Their Descendants
Cruising in the Mediterranean
The Amazoniad Or Figure and Fashion a Scuffle in High Life With Notes Critical and Historical Interspersed with Choice Anecdotes of Bon Ton
Addresses Delivered at the Unveiling of the Statue of Rufus Choate in the Court House in Boston October 15 1898
A Chapter on the Basuto War A Lecture
Songs for Parents
Topsy-Turvy Land Arabia Pictured for Children
Shattucks Advanced Rules for Large Assemblies A Supplement to the Womans Manual of Parliamentary Law
Transactions of the American Association of Orificial Surgeons First Annual Meeting Held at Central Music Hall Chicago Ill Sept 13 1888
Four Years in Secessia A Narrative of a Residence at the South Previous to and During the Southern Rebellion Up to November 1863 When the Writer Escaped from Richmond
The Coblers Prophecy 1594
The Principles of Refraction In the Human Eye Based on the Laws of Conjugate Foci
Amelia Sherwood or Bloody Scenes at the California Gold Mines With a Narrative of the Tragic Incidents on a Voyage to San Francisco
The Eagles Masque
Neighborhood Letters
The Religion of Geology and Its Connected Sciences
Suggestions to Teachers Designed to Accompany a Text-Book of Astronomy
The Buxton Diamonds Or Grateful Ellen For the Amusement and Instruction of Children
Propagation of Long Wavelength Disturbances in a Plasma October 2 1961
The Enchanted Golf Clubs
Lesson Book for Very Young Children In Words of One and Two Syllables
The Cross
Sequoia Sonnets
A Glory of Maryland Poem
Legend of the Blemished King And Other Poems
The Cost of a Crown A Story of Douay and Durham A Sacred Drama in Three Acts
Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats A Humourous Tale
An Account of the Culture and Use of the Mangel Wurzel or Root of Scarcity
The Farmers and Horsemans True Guide Pointing Out the Perfections and Imperfections of the Horse with Cures for His Diseases and for Neat Cattle and Sheep
Burns Nights in St Louis Burns and English Poetry Burns and the Prophet Isaiah Burns and the Auld Clay Biggin
Peter Parleys Visit to London During the Coronation of Queen Victoria
Gods Love Letters
Catalogue of the Ohio University for 1889 and Circular of Information for 1890
Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Credit River Section Accompanied by Seven Plates Also Insert Entitled Composite Section of the Rocks of the Credit River
Letters from the Savage Mind
The Works of George Berkeley
The Ancestry of Man
Allys Birth-Day The Cadi and Carpet-Mender
Dairy Laboratory and Note Book
A Fool for Luck A Comedy in Two Acts
The Woman in the Rain And Other Poems
Inside Scenes of Atlantas Black Week A Series of Social Sensations and a Carnival of Crimes Terminating with a Terrible Tale of Tragedies and Tears
Bluffs Guide to the Bar
Centennial Anniversary October 3rd to 5th 1809-1909 First Baptist Church Ogdensburg N y
Labour Troubles and Birth Control
The Clinic 1916 Vol 10 College of Physicians and Surgeons Baltimore MD
The Elwell Family in America A Genealogy of Robert Elwell of Dorchester and Gloucester Mass and the Greater Part of His Descendants to the Fifth Generation With a List of Revolutionary Soldiers of the Name Who Enlisted from the State of Massachusett
Life of Capt Nathan Hale The Martyr Spy of the Revolution Dedicated to the Soldiers of the U S Army
A Collection of Poems
An Excursion from Jericho to the Ruins of the Ancient Cities of Geraza and Amman in the Country East of the River Jordan
A Laboratory Guide in Elementary Zoology
The Soldier Boys Diary Book Or Memorandums of the Alphabetical First Lessons of Military Tactics Kept by Adam S Johnston from September 14 1861 to October 2 1864
Poems Moral and Religious
Reply to the Sequel of Hon Horace Mann Being a Supplement to the Bible the Rod and Religion in Common Schools
Southern Hero Tales
Christian Science Examined
The Progress of the Revolutions of 1640 and 1830
The ABC of Auction Bridge Including the Laws of Auction as Adopted by the Whist Club of New York
The Red Trail And Other Poems
Chemistry First Stage
The Man Who Couldnt Feel Rich
Warp and Woof The Story of the Textile Arts
The School at Mud Hollow A Burlesque
The Domestic Manners of the Americans Or Characteristic Sketches of the People of the United States
The Pilgrims March Their Messages
Traditions of the Miami Valley Songs of the West and Other Poems
A Grammar of Musical Harmony The Substance of Lectures Delivered in St Martins Hall and the Training Institutions of the National Society
The Old Swimmin-Hole and Leven More Poems
Grantae Imagines Thirty-Six Sonnets
The River A Song of Human Life
The Decennial Record Or Digest No II of the Class of 1859 of the College of New Jersey 1859-1869
Phillips Brooks A Study
Rough Pencillings of a Rough Trip to Rangoon in 1846
A Sermon Delivered at Medway November 4 1813 on the Close of a Century Since the Incorporation of the Town
The Union Harmony or Universal Collection of Sacred Music Vol 1 of 2 Containing I the Rudiments of Music Laid Down in a Plain and Concise Manner II a Large and Valuable Collection of Tunes Suited to All the Metres Now Used in the Various Worshipp
The Holland of To-Day
The Pleasures of Friendship A Poem in Two Parts To Which Are Added a Few Original Irish Melodies
The Oracle of Shantytown The Secret Revealed by an Intimate Friend
The European War from a Bible Standpoint
Bulletin of the Harvard Forestry Club Vols 1-2
Dante and the Divine Comedy Studies and Notes
Eulogy on the Life and Services of James S Wadsworth Brigadier-General of Volunteers in the Army of the United States Read at a Meeting of the Century Association December 3 1864
Language Lessons An Outline Suggesting Material and Methods for the Teaching of Language in the Elementary Grades
Llewellyn Powers (Late a Representative from Maine) Memorial Addresses Sixtieth Congress Second Session House of Representatives January 31 1909 Senate of the United States February 27 1909
Traditions of the Crows
In Realms of Gold
Catalogue of the Choice Curious and Splendid London Library of George Watson Taylor Esq M P Vol 1 Removed from His Mansion in Cavendish Square
The Bishop Hill Colony A Religious Communistic Settlement in Henry County Illinois
Twentieth Century Cook Book A Feast of Good Things A Careful Compilation of Tried and Approved Recipes
Samuel Finley Vinton A Biographical Sketch
Blossoms from a Japanese Gardens A Book of Child-Verses
A Pomander of Verse
Leaves in the Road
Notes on the History of Fort George During the Colonial and Revolutionary Periods With Contemporaneous Documents and an Appendix
Oracles for Youth A Home Pastime
Michelangelo as a Painter
State Normal Magazine Vol 20 April May 1916
Proceedings at the Thirtieth Annual Lincoln Dinner of the Republican Club of the City of New York In Commemoration of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Waldorf-Astoria Saturday February Twelfth Nineteen Hundred and Sixteen
Speech of John Thompson Brown of Petersburg in the House of Delegates of Virginia In Committee of the Whole on the State of the Relations Between the United States and South Carolina Delivered January 5 1833
The Magpies Shadow
The Silhouette 1912
Geology of the Quien Sabe Quadrangle California And Quicksilver and Antimony Deposits of the Stayton District California
Docteur! Comidie En Un Acte
Early History of Ithaca N y A Lecture Delivered at the Village Hall in Ithaca Monday Evening April 5th 1817 in the Course of Free Popular Lectures
Golden Hair and Her Knight of the Beanstalk in the Enchanted Forest
Brown William And the Power of the Harp Vol 4 And Other Ballads
The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy A Poem
Information of Denver-Colorado Compiled for the Guidance of the Public Traveler and Tourist
The Open Court Vol 48 April 1934
Tracts of the Anglican Fathers Vol 8 Of the Church Her Doctrines and the Opposing Heresies A Sermon
A Midnight Fantasy And the Little Violinist
Mountains of the Bible
The Construction and Types of Shakespeares Verse as Seen in the Othello
The First Afghan War
The Excavations at Cyrene First Campaign 1910-1911 Preliminary Reports
Samson Raphael Hirsch In Honor of the Centenary of His Birth
A Report of the Sayings and Doings in the Special Convention of the Diocese of New Jersey Held in Trinity Church Newark on Wednesday October 27th 1852
The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Almanac for the Year 1861 Containing Practical Suggestions for the Farmer and Horticulturist Embellished with One Hundred and Forty Engravings Including Houses Farm Buildings Implements
French Vocabularies and Idiomatic Phrases A Collection of Words and Phrases in Common Use for Elementary and Advanced Students of the Language
Hand Book of Choice Receipts
Manual of the Southern Convention of Congregational Christian Churches Containing Principles Government and Orders of Services
The Yale Literary Magazine Vol 77 June 1912
Bible Heroes Stories from the Bible
A Vindication of the Law of England Shewing That Mesne Lords Derivative Lessors or Middle-Men Have No Right Either at Common Law or Under Any Statute to Levy Distress
The Diary of a Child of Sorrow
Herbert Kynaston A Short Memoir with Selections from His Occasional Writings
Raphael Illustrated with Eight Reproductions in Colour
Gitanjali (Song-Offerings)
A Collection of Hymns and Anthems Set to Music by Home Composers For the Use of the Salt Lake City Tabernacle Choir
Legends of the Red Children A Supplementary Reader
A Complete Collection of Songs
The Grand Question Debated or an Essay to Prove That the Soul of Man Is Not Neither Can It Be Immortal The Whole Founded on the Arguments of Locke Newton Pope Burnet Watts C
The Crimson Eyebrows A Fantastic Romance of Old China in Three Acts
Victoria College Annual 1929-30
Division of Research Services Report of Program Activities July 1 1964 Through June 30 1965
Chorus Book May Festival Mechanics Pavilion San Francisco May 28th 29th and 30th 1878
Worlds Fair Song and Chorus Collection
The Golden Town and Other Tales from Somadevas Ocean of Romance-Rivers
Annual Report of the Town Officers of Gilmanton For the Year Ending December 31 1957 and of the School District for the Year Ending June 30 1957
International Cartoons of the War
Life Harmonies
An Answer to Dr Whitbys Reply Being a Vindication of the Charge of Fallacies Misquotations Misconstructions Misrepresentations C Respecting His Book Intituled Disquisitiones Modestae in a Letter to Dr Whitby
Odes on Several Subjects
The Lash A Satire Without Notes
The Games of Lawn Hockey Tether Ball Squash Ball Golf Croquet
Songs of the Child World Vol 1
Case Usage in Petronius Satires
The Honeymoon A Comedy in Three Acts
Report of the Womens Educational and Industrial Union For the Year Ending May 2 1882
Natural Science News Vol 2 A Weekly Journal Devoted to Natural History February 1 May 2 1896
The Humor of the School Child
The Art of Memory A Treatise Useful for All Especially Such as Are to Speak in Public
Reports of the Town of Somersworth for the Fiscal Year Ending March 1 1881
1846-1896 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company Held in Philadelphia April 13th 1896
Kachin Military Terms
The Living Monument In Parts with Some Compositions in Rhymes of Liberal Thoughts of Past and Future Events to Lovers of Light and Liberty
Profitable Poultry How to Manage Fowls Turkeys Ducks Geese in Health and Disease
Shakerism Detected Their Erroneous and Treasonous Proceedings and False Publications Contained in Different Newspapers Exposed to Public View
Robert Burns Samuel Johnson Edited with Introduction and Notes by Edward Everett Hale Jr PH D Professor of English Union College
Remember Booker T Washington
My Trip Abroad
A Letter to the REV Richard Farmer D D Master of Emanuel College Cambridge Relative to the Edition of Shakspeare Published in 1790
The Queen of the Pirate Isle
Programme of Mademoiselle Jenny Linds Grand Concert for This Evening Containing the Words of the Songs in English German Italian and Swedish
Alcuni Cenni Sulla Vita Di Tommaso Mercandetti Romano Letti in Arcadia Il 6 Aprile 1881
How to Make Indian and Other Baskets Indian Basketry the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona the Indians of the Painted Desert Region Travelers Handbook to Southern California Etc Etc
The Patriarchal Institution As Described by Members of Its Own Family
Description and Directions for the Use and Care of Cavalry Equipment Model of 1912 Oct 5 1914 Seventeen Plates
Diary of My Itinerary of Sixty Days Across the Water 1904 A Hurrygraph
Songs of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Issued at the Theta Chi Chapter in the 19th Year of the Fraternity
Die Evangelische Kirchgemeinde
Northern Interests and Southern Independence A Plea for United Action
Something on Ruskinism With a Vestibule in Rhyme
Round-Up Vol 7 January 1914
El Dorado 29 Along with Other Weird Alaskan Tales
Nothing to Do An Accompaniment to Nothing to Wear by a Lady with Illustrations
My First Duty Twelve Short Instructions on My Duty Towards God
Calendar for the Daughters of American Revolution
An Amateur Anglers Days in Dove Dale Or How I Spent My Three Weeks Holiday July 24-Aug 14
The Life and History of Francisco Villa Vol 9 The Mexican Bandit a Trued and Authentic Life History of the Most Noted Bandit That Ever Lived a Man Who Has Overthrown the Government of Mexico and Defied the United States
Manual for County Institutes June 1909
Elements of Jurisprudence Vol 1 Being Selections from Dumonts Digest of the Works of Bentham Codification
The Christian Doctrine of God
The Man of Galilee A Short Sketch of Christs Three Years of Ministry
Pan Pipes A Woodland Play in One Act
Old Settlers of the Grand Traverse Region
Bibliosophia or Book-Wisdom Containing Some Account of the Pride Pleasure and Privileges of That Glorious Vocation Book-Collecting Vol 2 The Twelve Labours of an Editor Separately Pitted Against Those of Hercules
Readings and Monologues a la Mode
Ordinances of the State Convention Which Convened in Little Rock May 6 1861
Rhymes and Jingles
Shakspere and the Medical Sciences The Presidential Address Delivered on October 12th 1887 at the Opening of the Fourteenth Session of the Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society
The Effect of Training in Pitch Discrimination
An Enquiry Concerning Prayers for the Dead
A Manual of Licensing Legislation and Compensation
England and Other Poems
Dialogues Intended to Facilitate the Acquiring of the Bengalee Language
Sacred Chronologie Drawn by Scripture Evidence Al-Along That Vast Body of Time (Containing the Space of Almost Four Thousand Years) from the Creation of the World to the Passion of Our Blessed Saviour
500 Times Monday October 16 1899 Opera in English by the Castle Square Opera Company at the American Theatre New York City
Directory of Labor Organizations in Massachusetts 1909
Care and Operation of the Caterpillar 75 Tractor
Cochituate Park and Other Poems
Reminiscences of the Old Runtsfield Links Golf Club 1866-1874
Amy Lowell Sketches Biographical and Critical
The Annual Monitor for 1850 or Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland for the Year 1849
Prof a Sketch of Charles Thompson
The Last Cruise of the National Or the Peoples Revenge
The First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh
Christian Science The Resurrection and the Life A Lecture
LEngrenage Comedie En Trois Actes
Euthymides Inaugural-Dissertation Presented to the Higher Philosophical Faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians University for the Attainment of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
A Sailors Log Pages from a Sailors Log Giving His Impressions of Sea Life and of Over There
Selected Czerny Studies Vol 3 Revised Edited and Fingered with Annotations
Southern California Pomona Illustrated and Described
Armstrong Nurseries 1928
Rainbow Stories and Indian Myths
Seeds That Succeed
Life Beneath the Waves and a Description of the Brighton Aquarium With Numerous Illustrations Including Ground Plan of the Aquarium and View of the Largest Tank
Active Interests The George Washington Memorial 1897
The Tannin Process
Married a Newport
Jean Francois Millet
Killarney Sketches Etc
The Mirror Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
Making a Tennis Court
The Battle of Floddon Field
Richard Cameron Famous Scots Series
The Fall of Man or Paradise Lost of Caedmon Translated in Verse from the Anglo-Saxon
Address of President Roosevelt at the Lincoln Dinner of the Republican Club of the City of New York Waldorf-Astoria Hotel February 13 1905
Shorthorn Class of 1926
Two Legends A Souvenir of Sodus Bay
On the Bum in a High-Powered Ford
The Rhododendron 1929 Vol 6
Goodykoontzs Perpetual Calendar and General Reference Manual
Hardwick Community Reminder Vol 2 December 4 1915
The Round Clock
Asia the American Magazine on the Orient Vol 20 January 1920
The Re-Union of 73 The Second Reception of the Sons and Daughters of Portsmouth Resident Abroad July 4 1873 Also an Account of the High School Re-Union July 5 and the Great Praise Meeting on Sunday July 6
Abraham Lincoln and Music Miscellaneous Excerpts from Newspapers and Other Sources
The Weakest Goeth to the Wall 1600
Fugitive Pieces Coacta Prodire
God in Creation Vol 2 God Enthroned in Redemption The Answer of History to Modern Theories of the Evolution of Christianity
Adams Complaint The Olde Worldes Tragedie Dauid and Bathsheba
Seemingly Experimental Religion Instructors Un-Experienced Converters Unconverted Revivals Killing Religion Missionaries in Need of Teaching Or War Against the Gospel by Its Friends Being the Examination and Rejection of Thomas Ledlie Birch a Forei
Report of the Case John Dorrance Against Arthur Fenner Tried at the December Term of the Court of Common Pleas in the County of Providence A D 1801
The Blue and the Gray And Other Verses
Remarks on a Reprint of the Original Letters from Washington to Joseph Reed During the American Revolution Referred to in the Pamphlets of Lord Mahon and Mr Sparks
The Live Doll or Ellens New-Years Gift
Government Contracts
Preach It Again the Sermon Test
The State University and the New South Being the Proceedings of the Inauguration of Harry Woodburn Chase as President of the University of North Carolina
The Care and Feeding of Southern Babies A Guide for Mothers Nurses and Baby Welfare Workers of the South
Report on Education in the United States at the Eleventh Census 1890
An Address and Poem Delivered Before the Mercantile Library Association at the Odeon in Boston September 13 1838
The Recollections of a Virginia Newspaper Man
Game Animals Birds and Fishes of British Columbia Canada
Taxation and Social Reconstruction
Festschrift Dem XIII Internationalen Orientalisten-Kongress Hamburg 1902 Gewidmet Von Der Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellshcaft in Berlin
The Genealogies Herein Recorded
Musik Sittengemlde in Vier Bildern
A Sketch of Events in the Life of George Law Published in Advance of His Autobiography Also Extracts from the Public Journals
The Charter of the City of St Paul Published by Authority of the Common Council
From the Wilderness to Spottsylvania A Paper Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Military Order of the Royal Region of the United States
Plane and Solid Geometry Suggestive Method
Memorial Addresses on Several Occasions Delivered in the Senate of the United States
Catholic England in Modern Times
The Play of the Sibyl Cassandra
Audrey and John The Story of the Oxford Movement
Strictures on Cobbets Unmanly Observations Relative to the Delicate Investigation And a Reply to the Answer to an Admonitory Letter to H R H the Prince of Wales
Report of the Division of Minimum Wage Reprint from the Annual Report of the Department of Labor and Industries for the Year Ending November 30 1920
Cook Book of Tested Receipes
Cotton Spinning
Elementary Lessons in Physics Mechanics (Including Hydrostatics) and Light
Jingles of a Jester
The Arab
Literary Snapshots Impressions of Contemporary Authors
Mauds Peril A Drama in Four Acts
Donaldson Family Record
Joseph Gurney Cannon Proceedings in the House of Representatives on the Eightieth Anniversary of His Birth Saturday May 6 1916
Alphabetical List of the Works of Fiction in the Brooklyn Mercantile Library 1869
Henry B Endicott A Brief Memoir of His Life and His Services to the State and Nation
Four Plays for Children The Rose and the Ring The Goody-Witch The Goosegirl Boots and the North Wind
Plantation Songs
Orioles and Blackbirds
Hebrew Vocabularies
An Introduction to the Natural History of Birds Being the Article Ornithology from the Seventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica With One Hundred and Thirty-Five Figures
Sesquidecennial Record of the Class of 1885 January 1901
Pennsylvania Illustrated A General Sketch of the State Its Scenery History and Industries
Concert Cameos
The Siege of Algiers or the Downfal of Hadgi-Ali-Bashaw A Political Historical and Sentimental Tragi-Comedy in Five Acts
The Soul of the Trenches
So This Then Is Ye Rime of Ye Ancient Mariner Wherein Is Told Whilom on a Day an Ancient Sea-Faring Man Detaineth a Wedding-Guest and Telleth Him a Grewsome Tale
Report of the Trial of Mr John N Maffitt Before a Council of Ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church Convened in Boston December 26 1822
Elementary Logic for University and Certificate Students An Enlarged and Revised Edition of Logic and Education An Elementary Text-Book of Deductive and Inductive Logic
Centennial Lodge History of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Its Institution and of Exercises Held Under Its Auspices in Memory of William McKinley XXV President of the United States 1901
Life and Memoirs of Gen Ulysses S Grant Being a Full Record of His Early Days His Military Achievements During the War His Two Administrations as President of the United States His Tour Around the World His Welcome Home His Trips Through the South
Tiefland The Lowland Musicdrama in a Prelude and Two Acts
California Sunshine and Other Verses
Scattered Notes on the Text of Shakespeare
The Defection Farther Considerd Wherein the Resigners as Some Would Have Them Stild Are Really Deserters
A Souvenir Posthumous Writings
The Ladies Cook Book Compiled by the Ladies Aid Society of the First Presbyterian Church Scottdale Pa
Back Scattering from a Finite Cone
Japanese Lyrics
The Order of Morning and Evening Prayer Daily Thoughout the Year Together with the Order of the Administration of the Lords Supper or Holy Communion According to the Choral Use of the Cathedral Church of Ely
The Provident Mechanics System of Savings As Matured by G and D Cook and Co New Haven Connecticut and Adopted October 1st 1858
Evangelisation Work in Italy Through the Waldensian Church Rome January 1898
Ceremonies on the Occasion of Laying the Corner-Stone October 21st 1863 And the Inauguration of the Building April 27th 1865
The Manufacture of Electric Light Carbons
The Life of Washington Irving
Tennysons In Memoriam Its Purpose and Its Structure A Dissertation Presented to the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Leipzig
Love Me Little Love Me Long An Original Comedy in Five Acts
The Late Minister Unmaskd or an Answer to a Late Pamphlet Entitled the Conduct of the Late Administration with Regard to Foreign Affairs from 1722 to 1742 Wherein That of the Right Hon the Earl of Orford Late Sir Robert Walpole Is Particularly VI
A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Physical Spring of Human Actions and the Immediate Cause of Thinking
Home A Poem
Merry Songs and Games for the Use of the Kindergarten
In the Forest of Arden
The Open Court Vol 40 A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science an Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea January 1926
Supplement to the Cybele Britannica Vol 1 To Be Continued Occasionally as a Record of Progressive Knowledge Concerning the Distribution of Plants in Britain
Erechtheus A Tragedy
Syllabus (Second Year) Isaac Pitman Shorthand
Considerations Upon the State of Public Affairs in the Year MDCCXCIX Ireland
Brown Alumni Monthly Vol 88 Summer 1988
The French Refugee Trappists in the United States Read Before the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia on February 23 1886
Design Plans and Specifications for Three Story Reinforced-Concrete Machine Shop Building 60-0 X 120-0 A Thesis
The Tourists Hand-Book of New York Giving an Up-To-Date List of the Various Places and Objects of Interest in New York City Together with a Brief Description of Same Location Historical Features Landmarks Origin of Street Names Etc
Bleyers Guide to Milwaukee A Complete Hand-Book to Points of Interest in and about the City Embracing Historical Facts Connected with the Rise and Progress of the Metropolis
Leonard Wood Prophet of Preparedness
Fort Amsterdam in the Days of the Dutch
The Newly Found Words of Jesus
Nasts Illustrated Almanac for 1873
Last Words of Thomas Carlyle On Trades-Unions Promoterism and the Signs of the Times
Educator and Guide A Treatise on Food and Its Relation to the Human Body
The Merry Devil of Edmonton 1608
The Religious Philosophy of Plotinus and Some Modern Philosophies of Religion
How to Be a First Class Trainmaster Three Prize Articles and Selections from Fifteen Competitors Articles on the Employment Instruction and Discipline of Men and the Other Duties of a First Class Trainmaster
The Glazers Book and How to Use It
Inside Modern Homes
The Constitution Jurisdiction and Practice of the Courts of Pennsylvania in the Seventeenth Century
Flambo a Brief Treatise on the Persecuting and Dangerous Character of Popery
Calamity at Richmond Being a Narrative of the Affecting Circumstances Attending the Awful Conflagration of the Theatre in the City of Richmond on the Night of Thursday the 26th of December 1811
George Pierce Andrews
Illustrated Programme of the Centennial Celebration in New York April 1889 1789 1889
Ballads of Coster-Land
Tennysons Use of the Bible
A Finite Difference Scheme for the Neumann and the Dirichlet Problem
Priscilla Juniors Crochet Book Models and Directions for Crocheting Adapted to Girls from 8 to 12 Years
Mongo Proverbs and Fables
A Companion Telugu Reader to Ardens Progressive Telugu Grammar
Southern Manitoba and Turtle Mountain Country
Chicago Mendelssohn Club Harrison M Wild Musical Conductor Third Concert Thursday Evening April Thirtieth Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen Orchestra Hall
Langs Fine Flowers 1922
J Fred C Talbott (Late a Representative from Maryland) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Fifth Congress
Songs of Childhood
Fifty Years Recollections
History of Ireland As Disclosed by Irish Statutes Passed by Irish Parliaments Between 1310 and 1800
Charlott A Higher Thought Story
Old Merritt
The Covenant-Interest of the Children of Believers Illustrated and Proved and Considered as a Solid Foundation for Infant Baptism with an Appendix Concerning the Discipline of Baptized Children
Nature Songs for Children
The Book of Malachi Expounded
William Dunbar
An Annual Publication of Historical Papers 1907
Seventh Biennial Report of the Trustees and Medical Superintendent of the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane at Longcliff Near Logansport For the Biennial Period Ending October 31 1900
A Sermon Preached Before His Excellency Charles Marquis Cornwallis Lord Lieutenant President and the Members of the Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Practice of Religion and Virtue In St Werburghs Church on Thursday 23d May
Despotism vs Republicanism Fourth Chapter from Vaticanism Unmasked or Romanism in the United States
Chip or a Managers Trials A Musical Comedy in Four Acts
Genealogie of the Hayes of Tweeddale
For God and Country Hymns for Use in War Time
Songs of Two Nations A Song of Italy Ode on the Proclamation of the French Republic Dirae
The Toiling of Felix A Legend on a New Saying of the Christ
The Open Court Vol 32 A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion the Religion of Science and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea December 1918
Polly Honeycombe A Dramatick Novel of One Act As It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Social Rubaiyat of a Bud
The Alpha of Education or How to Teach Speaking Reading Writing and Thinking Simultaneously and According to the Laws of Human Nature
The Souvenir Pocket Guide and Directory of Philadelphia
Testimony for Prosecution and Defence in the Case of Edward Spangler Tried for Conspiracy to Murder the President Before a Military Commission of Which Major-General Hunter Was President Washington D C May and June 1865
Lincoln A Master of Efficiency
Stories of an Old Dutch Town In Verse
The Bells of Capistrano A Romance of the California Missions
The Wandering Host
The House the Garden and the Steeple A Collection of Old Mottoes
Poems Dedicated by Permission to the Right Honourable the Countess Fitzwilliam
The Legality of the Court Held by His Majesties Ecclesiastical Commissioners Defended Their Proceedings No Argument Against the Taking Off Penal Laws and Tests
Eton Reform
The Maids Metamorphosis 1600
Rosamund Queen of the Lombards A Tragedy
The Way to Stable and Quiet Times A Sermon Preachd Before the King at the Cathedral Church of St Paul London on the 20th of January 1714
Many Things about the United States of America
Vox Angelica A New Collection of Catholic Hymns
The Princess of Manoa And Other Romantic Tales from the Folk-Lore of Old Hawaii
Jackie Jingles
The Congressmans Christmas Dream and the Lobby Members Happy New Year A Holiday Sketch
Key to Watts First Catechism As Now Adapted by Desire of the Sunday School Union to the Lesson System of Teaching for Family and Sabbath School Instruction
The National 1927 Vol 12
Reminiscences of the Baylies and Richmond Families
The Maid of Orleans Her Life and Mission From Original Documents
Critical Reflections on the Old English Dramatick Writers Intended as a Preface to the Works of Massinger Addressed to David Garrick Esq
Daffodils Pansies and Violets and Asphodel
History of the Hatting Trade in Danbury Conn From Its Commencement in 1780 to the Present Time with a Mercantile and Manufacturing Business Directory
Reflections on the Political Situation in India
Department of Hudsons Bay
The Relations Between Culture and Religion Three Lectures
Transactions of the English Arboricultural Society 1883 Parts 2-4
Messages of Gov George A Ramsdell 1897-1898 With Biographical Sketches and Occasional Papers
Technala Vol 9 May 1916
Suggestions for the Architectural Improvement of the Western Part of London
The Airedale
The Songs That Quinte Sang
Shaksperes King Henry the Fourth Part II The Quarto of 1600 a Facsimile in Photo-Lithography
Rural Economy A Treasury of Information on the Horse Pony Mule Ass Cow-Keeping Sheep Pigs Goat Honey-Bee Poultry Etc
First Book in Composition for the Use of Schools On an Entirely New Plan
The Socialist Campaign Book of 1900 Edited Under the Supervision of the National Campaign Committee of the Social Democratic Party
The Rochester Token Or Select Original Poems
The Life and Public Services of Major-General McClellan Which Includes a Complete Summary of His Report
Musa Piscatrix
The Latter-Day Zion Its Redemption and Chosen Instruments An Appeal to All True Latter-Day Saints and Believers in the Doctrines of Christ
Personal Narrative of the Escape from Nowgong to Banda and Nagode
Testimonial and Memorial to William Gallogly Moorehead For Forty One Years Professor in the Xenia Theological Seminary
Monsieur Tonson A Popular Farce in Two Acts
Health and Power Through Creation
The New Spirit in Industry
A Dissertation on the Science of Method or the Laws and Regulative Principles of Education
Teachers Manual for Miller-Kinkead English Lessons Book I
Proceedings of the Legislature of the State of New York on the Life Character and Public Service of Thomas Francis Grady State Senator February 5 1912
A Vindication of the Principles of the Authors of The Tracts for the Times
Francis Clayton 1739-1774 of Chiswick and His Descendants With Some Account of His Ancestors in Gloucestershire
Ana and Kata in Composition and with Case A Dissertation
Hell and Damnation The Theories of Annihilation Purgatory and Universalism Disproved and the Orthodox Doctrine Demonstrated
The Proverbs of Solomon or the Words of the Wise In Verse Translated from the Massoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible
The German Emigrants or Frederick Wohlgemuths Voyage to California
Exercises Connected with the Unveiling of the Ellsworth Monument At Mechanicville May 27 1874
Halimah A Legend of the Tangipahoa
An Oration Before the City Authorities of Boston on the Fourth of July 1871
Two Rough Riders Letters from F Allen McCurdy and J Kirk McCurdy of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Who Volunteered and Fought with the Rough Riders During the Spanish American War of 1898 to Their Father J M McCurdy
Poems and Stories
The Autobiography of the REV Enoch Pond D D for Fifty Years Professor in Bangor Theological Seminary A Memorial of His Character Work and Last Years
The Place of Shelley Among the English Poets of His Time
Memorial of Benjamin Franklin Fackenthall Born November 28 1825 Died January 14 1892
Elasticity and Strength Of Materials Used in Engineering Construction Section I
My Scout And Other Poems
The Ladies Guide Done with Common Steel Needles Full Description of the Various Stitches Materials C
State Normal Magazine 1899 Vol 3
Catalogue and Circular of the Cambridge Manual Training School for Boys
Explorations of the Baum Prehistoric Village Site Vol 15
Horse Judging
The Merits of Thomas W Dorr and George Bancroft As They Are Politically Connected
Synopsis and Questions Subject Matter for Teachers Examinations To Be Held in Honolulu on August 17th 18th and 19th 1910
Heart-Talks with Teachers With Special Emphasis on Primary Work and a Suggestive Adaptable Program for Each Day in the Year
The Otterbein Cook Book
A History of the Life and Public Services of Major General Andrew Jackson
Our Boys Over There to the Young American in Khaki He Will Find When He Gets to France
A Suggestive State Course of Study for Kindergarten-Primary Grades Vol 1 Submitted at the Request of the County and City Superintendents of Schools by the California State Board of Education
The Treatment of Disease from the Homeopathic Standpoint
California Motorlogues Suggestions for One-Day and Week-End Motor Trips on the Highways and Byways of California
An Epistle Congratulatory to the Right Reverend the Bishops of the Episcopal Court at Camden From Ulric Von Hutten
The Deluge A Poem
The Birds and Other Poems
A Paper Read Before the New York Historical Society Tuesday December 4 1888
James M Griggs Late a Representative from Georgia Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States Sixty-First Congress Second Session Proceedings in the House April 17 1910 Proceedings in the Senate M
New Poems and a Play
Practical Loom Fixing
Madame de Lamartine
Galveston Biological Laboratory Fishery Research For the Year Ending June 30 1961
Hull-House Year Book Vol 40
Primer of Morals For Use in Schools and Families
Dei Prati Artificiali in Toscana Ricerche
Loves Testament A Sonnet Sequence
Columbia University Bulletin 1982-1984 Baccalaureate Program in Nursing Masters Program in Clinical Nursing
The Democratic Quartetto or Physic for the Fiends An Excellent Remedy Against the Seditious Hydrophobia Administered to William Cobbett Denis Hogan Peter Finnerty and Gale Jones with an Additional Dose for the Independent Whig
An Essay Concerning Tussis Convulsiva or Whooping-Cough With Observations on the Diseases of Children
Poems 1916-1918
Phytologia Vol 86 An International Journal to Expedite Plant Systematic Phytogeographical and Ecological Publication February 2004
The Dairy
Nebraska High-School Manual 1912
The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review Vol 2 January 1830
Proteus Club Cook Book
Addresses Delivered at the Celebration of the One Hundred and Fourth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln
Celebration on Greenfield Hill Address of Welcome Historical Discourse
Hints and Suggestions on School Architecture and Hygiene With Plans and Illustrations Prepared Under the Direction of the Honourable the Minister of Education
First Irish Grammar Revised and Enlarged
Letters from the Earl of Peterborough to General Stanhope in Spain From the Originals at Chevening
Press Release Index 1964
The Triennial Report of the Secretary of the Class of 1876 of Harvard College Secretarys Report No 2 June 1876-June 1879
Lodoiska An Opera in Three Acts as Performed by His Majestys Servants at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for the First Time on Monday June 6 1794
State Normal Magazine Vol 1 December 1897
Rocky Mountain Song Book
A Paper Entitled Some Principles in the Valuation of Land and Buildings
The Indian Council in the Valley of the Walla-Walla 1855
An Historical Account of the United Daughters of the Confederacy Origin Objects and Purposes
The Admirals Caravan
Historic Periods of Fredericksburg 1608-1861
Political Oats A Kernel or Two for Everybody
Recueil de Planches Des Coquilles Fossiles Des Environs de Paris
Good Roads An Outline of State Road Systems
Yellow Creek Droll-O-Grams
Letters on the Second Coming of Christ and the Character of His Millennial Kingdom Together with a Reply to the Objections and Arguments of REV D D Whedon
Educative Seat Work With an Appendix Containing a Discussion of a Schedule for a Two-Room School and References and Addresses for Helpful Books and Materials
Poetical Trifles Written on Various Subjects Serious and Comic
Caught Out! A Farce in Three Acts
The Air-Spy A War Play in Three Acts
Letter to the Queen on the State of the Monarchy
Mental Health Motion Pictures A Selective Guide 1960
S 2195 the National Public Telecommunications Infrastructure Act of 1994 Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Communications of the Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation United States Senate One Hundred Third Congress Second Session June
Asher Sizemore and Little Jimmies Hearth and Home Songs Mountain Ballads Old Hymns Childrens Songs Cowboy Songs
The Canton Baptist Memorial Being a Historical Discourse Delivered Before the Baptist Church in Canton Mass at the Celebration of Their Fiftieth Anniversary Wednesday June 22 1864
Letters on the Condition of Kentucky in 1825 Reprinted from the Richmond Enquirer
A Biographical History of the Class of 1868 for the First Decade Following Their Graduation Second District Normal School Millersville Pa
Instructions to His Son Inaugural-Dissertation
A Record of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Six
de la Rhetorique DAristote These Presentee a la Faculte Des Lettres de Paris
A Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor the Worshipful Aldermen and Common-Council The Merchants Citizens and Inhabitants of the City of London
Thirty-Second Annual Program for the Observance of Arbor Day in the Public Schools of Rhode Island May 11 1923
The Morris Book Vol 2 With a Description of Dances as Performed by the Morris-Men of England
Experiences of Harry Wu as a Political Prisoner in the Peoples Republic of China Hearing Before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the Committee on International Relations House of Representatives One Hundred Fourth Congr
Mysticism in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
The Biblical Catechism Designed for Sabbath Schools
Irish Gardening Vol 17 A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Advancement of Horticulture and Arboriculture in Ireland January 1922
A Letter to the Oxford Tories
Night Bombing with the Bedouins By One of the Squadron
A Political Dissertation Upon Bull-Baiting and Evening Lectures With Occasional Meditations on the 30th of January
Dramas in Miniature
A Review of the Three Great National Questions Relative to a Declaration of Right Poynings Law and the Mutiny Bill
Souvenir History and Guide of the Pacific Coast
The Oak 1924 Vol 2
The North American Free Trade Agreement Hearing Before the Committee on Small Business House of Representatives One Hundred Third Congress First Session
More Law Lyrics
The Labour Pilgrims Progress
National Elementary Speller A Critical Work on Pronunciation Embracing a Strictly Graded Classification of the Primitive and the More Important Derivative Words of the English Language for Oral Spelling Exercises for Writing from Dictation Prefixes
The Destiny of Man Viewed in the Light of His Origin
Maxims and Morals from Dr Franklin Being Incitements to Industry Frugality and Prudence
Reflections on the Late Elections in the County of Cambridge With Incidental Remarks on the Present State of the Nation
A Defence of the Charter and Municipal Rights of the City of London and the Rights of Other Municipal Cities and Towns of England Directed to the Citizens of London
Standard Oil or the People The End of Corporate Control in America
The Golden-Breasted Kootoo
Washington Industrial Commercial and Civic Features of the National Capital of the United States
Memoria Storica Intorno Alla Repubblica Di Venezia
Official Vote of the State of Illinois Cast at the General Election November 8 1960 Judicial Election 1959-1960 Primary Election General Primary April 12 1960
A Laymans Apology
Report of the Attorney General for the Year Ending June 30 1946
Stories of Indian Chieftains
The Play Ground
Systematische Untersuchungen Ber Die Vegetation Der Karaiben Insbesondere Der Insel Guadeloupe
Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System Results May 2000
New Memoir on the Nervous System
Le Froid Est-Il Dans Les Maladies Aigues Une Cause Pathogene Aussi Importante Que Les Anciens Medecins Le Croyaient Ou Aussi Nulle Que Certains Modernes Le Pensent
Une Page DAmour Romantique Lettres Indites Madame Estelle F
The Demon and the Darling of the Gods A Drama
Les Jesuites Et La Succursale-Laval a Montreal
A List of Additional Manuscripts of the French and Indian War
Introduction to Hebrew Grammar for the Use of Beginners
Brief Notices of the Fabric and Glebe of Saint Mary Aldermary In the City of London
Extracts from Letters to A B T During His Service in the Civil War 1862-1864
Prof Cassius Marcellus Clay Zedakers Book of Poems The World Renowned
Minutes of the Sixty-Ninth Annual Session of the Synod of New Jersey Held at Long Branch N J October 1891
Lectures on Cavalry
Celebration at Tammany Hall
Grashalme Neue Auswahl Deutsch
Discourses on Miracles
Description Sommaire Des Objets DArt Faisant Partie Des Collections Du Duc DAumale Exposes Pour La Visite Du Fine Arts Club Le 21 Mai 1862
Variations in Zooplankton Abundance in Hawaiian Waters 1950-52
Das Elend Der Kritik
City of Dover The Mayors Address and Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures Reports of Departments Etc for the Municipal Year 1869
King Alfred As Educator of His People and Man of Letters
Verses of Thirty Years Ago
Fur Seal Investigations Pribilof Islands Alaska 1964
The Last Days of Heinrich Heine
Relacion Entre Los Terrenos Calcareos y La Clorosis de la Pina
My Garden Companion a Handbook for Amateurs and Others A Collection of Practical Articles on Gardening
Fifth Annual Report of the President and of the Treasurer
A Brief Descriptive Guide to the Exhibition Galleries of the National Museum of Mexico
The Sea of Faith
Journal of the Thirty-Second Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the State of North Carolina Held in St Jamess Church Wilmington on Wednesday May 24 Thursday May 25 Friday May 26 Saturday May 27 and Monday May 29 1848
Blueprint for Reform The Report of the Task Group on Regulation of Financial Services Washington D C July 2 1984
Rimes by Ben Field
The Sandbar Queen A Play in One Act
An Abstract of the Proceedings of the Antimasonic State Convention of Massachusetts Held in Faneuil Hall Boston May 19 and 20 1831
The Gospel of Osiris Being an Epic Cento and Paraphrase of Ancient Fragments
Sequelle 1911
A Posthumous Poem of the Late Thomas Dickens Esq Lieut Colonel in the First Regiment of Foot Guards Dedicated by Permission to His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester To Which Is Added the Genealogy of the Author from K Edward III Also a Few G
State Normal Magazine Vol 19 February 1915
The Art of Curative Gymnastics
The Golden Mean in Cookery
The Emperor Jones
Garfield and Arthur Republican Campaign Song Book 1880
Patriotic Poems
The Syntax of Brants Narrenschiff
A Discourse on the Life and Character of Daniel Webster
Biennial Report of the Directors and the Thirty-Fifth and Thirty-Sixth Annual Reports of the Superintendent of the Insane Asylum of the State of California at Stockton For the Two Years Ending June 30 1888
Six Nursery Classics
Fifteen Direct Shots at the Upas Tree of Intemperance Or the Temperance Argument in a Nut Shell
Saul A Tragedy in Three Acts
The Making of an University What We Have to Learn from Educational Ideals in America
Early History of the Upper Lemhi Valley
The Efficient Age
In Memoriam
In Loving Memory of George Rogers Howell MA and His Son George Seymour Howell
Favorite Rhymes of Mother Goose
Four Essays on the Right and Propriety of Secession by Southern States
In Memory of John McCullough
The Golden Crucible An Introduction to the History of American California 1850-1905
Historical Address Delivered in the Congregational Church of New Canaan Conn July 4th 1876
Autobiography of Francis Torrey Townsend And Genealogy of the Townsends
John V 6 Wilt Thou Be Made Whole or the Virtues and Efficacy of the Water of Glastonbury in the County of Somerset Illustrated in Above Twenty Remarkable Cases Faithfully Described of Persons Who by the Use of That Water Have Been Cured of Disorders
The 5-Year Outlook on Science and Technology 1981
A Supplement to the Fatehpur Gazetteer
Second Address of the Central Committee of Fauquier to the People of That County on the Army Bill
Athletes of the Bible Unfamiliar Aspects of Familiar Men A Study Course for Boys and Young Men
Albania or Certaine Concernments of Great Britanny With an Explication of the Present State Thereof Truely Presented Under the Faigned Person of Albania
The Hebrew or Jewish and Christian Church the Same Illustrated and Applied in Proof of the Duty of Infant-Baptism And the Most Weighty and Plausible Objections Answered in Three Sermons
The Training School Quarterly Vol 8 April May June 1921
The Problem of Consolation
An Humble Plea Addressed to the Legislature of California in Behalf of the Immigrants from the Empire of China to This State
Communist Infiltration of the Hollywood Motion-Picture Industry Part 10 Hearing Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-Second Congress Second Session November 12 and 13 1952
The Lotus 1902
Epicurean Philosophy and Its Influence on Human Thought
Personal Workers Manual and Directory Furnishing for Workers
Hearings Regarding Communism in the District of Columbia Vol 2 Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives Eighty-First Congress Second Session December 6 11 12 and 13 1950
An Essay on Manures Submitted to the Trustees of the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture for Their Premium
Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States Vol 7 Hearings Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security ACT and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Eighty-Fourth
System of Modern History Vol 1 Rise of the Modern European System
Memorial of the Patriotic League of the Revolution to the Fifty-Seventh Congress of the United States for the Recognition of Service Rendered by Theodore R Timby The Inventor of the Revolving Turret as Used on the Monitor and All Battle-Ships from the
Millers Reply to Stuarts Hints on the Interpretation of Prophecy In Three Letters Addressed to Joshua V Himes
Details of Machine Tool Design
Maids and a Man 1921 Vol 2
An Outline of Lockes Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Drill Regulations for Machine-Gun Platoons Infantry United States Army 1909
Strategy Training Vol 1 A New Approach to Guidance The Theory and Its Application
The Standard American Poultry Book A Guide to Profitable Poultry Keeping
Bulletin of the Ontario Hospitals for the Insane Vol 6 A Journal Devoted to the Interest of Psychiatry in Ontario January 1913
Cheyne-Stokes Respiration
Curious and Useful Questions on the Bible Designed for Sunday Schools and Families
On the Use of Classical Metres in English
Patents Trademarks and Copyrights Second Edition
The Pleaders Guide a Didactic Poem in Two Books Containing the Conduct of a Suit at Law with the Arguments of Counsellor Botherum and Counsellor Boreum in an Action Betwixt John-A-Gull and John-A-Gudgeon for Assault and Battery at a Late Contes
The Lotus 1906 Vol 5
Report and Proceedings of the Committee of the Legislative Council on Harbour Board Tramway

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